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  • Engine diagnostics
  • Electrical faults
  • Motorcycle Electrics & Repairs
  • Code reading
  • Aftermarket products
Engine diagnostics, code reading turning off service and dashboard lights, vehicle electrical faults and installation of aftermarket electrical products.If your unsure about a service you require, please call to see if I can help you.

If you want to, or have fixed the car yourself I will come and read the codes for you and turn off service lights and dashboard warning lights ABS, MIL etc.

When the engine is running poorly and making the check engine / malfunction indication light (M I L) to illuminate on the dash board, We diagnose the fault and turn off the light using the latest diagnostic equipment, Bosch kts, Autobos V30 and Pico automotive oscilloscope as well as other diagnostic equipment.

When an electrical system or component on your car stops working or is not working as it should, eg lights, central locking, radios, ABS etc.

As far as the Motorcycle Electrics and Repairs go, we can deal with most things, including; short circuits, rewiring, and general fault finding.

I fit radios, lights, reversing sensors and cameras, tow bar electrics, sat nav and DVD players, in fact pretty much any aftermarket accessory. 

Code reading and turning off service lights and dashboard warning lights

Engine diagnostics

Electrical faults

Motorbike Electrics and Repairs

Aftermarket products

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